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We're a risk management consultancy
for subcontractors and trades

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Don't work harder - be smarter

The best way to manage your risks is to work smarter, not harder

Find better clients

Don't waste your precious time with clients who don't want to pay you for the work you've done. Due diligence is key.

Know your rights

Understand the contract clauses. Learn your contractual and statutory rights, and enforce them when necessary.

Communicate effectively

Be clear and concise, mindful of your tone of voice and how your words will be interpreted by the recipients. Communicate in writing wherever possible.

Confirm everything

Understand what you're signing up for. Don't make assumptions - get written clarification. Take your time, don't be rushed.

Keep detailed records

Record the site conditions, and evidence your progress. Report any delay, acceleration, re-work, and disruption that you may experience.

Monitor your cashflow

Forecast your revenues and costs in advance, and update as you go. Align with payment dates to maintain positive cashflow.

Know where you stand

Is your business on solid ground? How do you know?

Contractual risks

Are you aware of your contractual rights and obligations? Contracts can be time-consuming and expensive to administer, although it's important to follow the correct procedures to protect your business interests.
Let us help you to manage your relationships with your clients and supply chain partners - from tendering to handover, and everything in between.

Financial risks

Getting paid on time and having the cash available is vital. Are you prepared for the financial implications of variations/ compensation events and changes to the works and/or resource requirements?
Our dynamic, pragmatic approach will help you to predict changes and to respond to financial risks, such as valuations, payments and cashflow.

Operational risks

Robust planning and preparation are at the heart of a successful project. By optimising your workload, scheduling and resourcing functions, you will mitigate your operational risks and protect your workforce.
We'll show you how to automate your operational tasks, by utilising our customisable templates and online software. Work smarter, not harder.

Technical risks

Have you considered the technical details and quality standards that you must deliver? Ensure that you appreciate the technical risks involved with your plant & equipment, materials and waste handling.
We can help you to comply with rules & regulations, along with external factors such as environmental, bureaucratic and political matters.

We're a risk management consultancy for subcontractors and trades
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